Every good story has a driving force, some idea or ongoing event that moves it from beginning to end.

Conflict is one such force. Conflict between two or more people (man versus man), conflict between some guy with a website and his flaky keyboard (man versus machine) or just straight up indecision about what to order on the menu (man versus self).

There are many things man can be pitted against to create a good story, so many I couldn’t pick just one. I wanted my “man” to do it all–to laugh, to cry, to ride off into the sunset on his or her faithful steed–so that’s what I did; I made Man Versus Everything.

This site is a collection of original short stories. Some are true, some are false, some you won’t believe at all (especially number 6!)… but I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. I post a new one at least every Saturday.

Unless otherwise specified stories range from G to PG-13. You may encounter the occasional bad word but I try to use them sparingly. I will warn you in advance if a story is going to use very strong language. I also post some of these stories on Reddit as YDAQ, so don’t be surprised if you occasionally see the same thing in both places.

If you have a prompt you’re itching to see as a story please let me know. While I don’t write about every suggestion I receive I do promise to read them all.

Thanks for stopping by.