Humble Beginnings

I was challenged to write a story in which the writing gets better as it continues and that the ending would explain why. Let me know how I did.

I saw a bug today and I think it was a spider because it had lots of legs and crawled on me and jumped off the roof of the house and it really looked like a spider. Mommy asked daddy to take care of it so he squished it with toilet paper and dropped it in the toilet so it could go swimming.

My dad always kills the bugs in the house. Today he took me to the river and we caught frogs together. My dad even caught a snake and showed it to me. The snake wasn’t happy and it bit him. Dad said a lot of words he told me not to say after. I had a lot of fun. I love my dad. I love my mom too but she doesn’t like snakes.

That was five years ago. Today my father is taking me to the pet store to get a snake. It’s going to live in an aquarium in the living room. My mom says she’s going to weld the lid shut so it can’t get out. She still doesn’t like snakes. My dad laughed when I reminded him of the time we went to the river and a snake bit his thumb. Then he reminded me swearing like he did is bad.

That was six years ago. Today my mom and dad told me I’m not allowed to get a tattoo… something about “not being old enough to make that kind of decision.” I’m 17, damn it, I know what I want. I want a snake eating its tail wrapped around my bicep. I’ve always loved snakes and I like the idea of Ouroboros; the end of one thing is the beginning of another. In six months I’ll be 18 and they won’t have any say in my decisions anymore. Maybe I’ll get two snakes, just to piss them of.

I can’t believe how fast time goes by. I remember how fun it was that my parents recorded my stories and listened to them over and over, then I remember the frustration of them making me continuing it when I was a teenager. It was embarrassing but strangely cathartic at the same time. Thanks to their efforts I continued to record myself telling the story of my life. Not just for them, but for me and my eventual children too. Today is the day I get my PhD; I’m officially a herpetologist. Thanks, mom and dad, I love you both.


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